Standard Bank, a South African financial services company, has rolled out its upgraded version of mobile banking app for smartphones.

Originally unveiled in June 2012, the improved app comprises the Standard Bank ID, which was launched with the bank’s tablet app in March.

In a statement, the bank said: "If you have downloaded the tablet app, all your information will be available on the new app for your smartphone, giving you a seamless experience across your phone and tablet."

Providing access to their personal and business accounts, the app enables customers to customize, including creating their own descriptive names for their dashboards and accounts. Users can also create savings goals and use an "Impulse Save" feature that allows them to save any amount, any time, with a single tap.

Currently, the upgraded version of app is available for iOS and Android devices and the bank will release the app on more phone platforms based on customer demand.

The iPhone version will be available in the App Store, while Android users will be able to download the new app from the Google Play Store.