US-based Southbridge Savings Bank has extended use of CPI Card Group’s Card@Once solution to offer in-branch instant issuance of debit cards to customers in all nine of its branch locations as well as six branch locations of its merged partner, SpencerBANK.

The bank initially implemented CPI Card’s solution within its operations centre in 2012. After receiving positive results from the instant issuance programme, the bank implemented it within all of its existing branches.

Following merger with SpencerBANK, the banks installed Card@Once devices in the SpencerBANK branch locations as well.

On implementation of Card@Once, Southbridge Savings Bank realised increased levels of customer satisfaction by enhancing the branch banking experience while also generating greater ROI from its card programmes.

The bank seamlessly integrated Card@Once’s SaaS-enabled, desktop branch hardware solution with existing branch technology.

CPI Card Group senior vice president of sales and marketing Lane Dubin said: “Customers expect their financial institutions to deliver services that surpass expectations and offerings that differentiate themselves within their markets.

“With Card@Once, Southbridge Savings Bank is able to not only equip its customers with new payment cards in an expedited manner, they can also facilitate more meaningful dialogue to help inform their customers on important industry changes and trends such as EMV adoption.”