About 140,000 debit cards issued by
Commerzbank, Germany’s
largest listed bank by branch
network, will not be working over the Easter period.

A spokesperson for Commerzbank told
RBI that “a small number of card holders” will not be able
to withdraw cash from any ATMs in Germany, nor pay by card, because
the bank is finalising the consolidation of the data systems of
Dresdner Bank (which it acquired in 2008) with its own.

“There are technical reasons for this,” the
spokesperson said without giving any further information.

Commerzbank has issued letters to its
cardholders to warn them beforehand and has asked them to conduct
any banking transactions before 22 April as its card will not be
working between then and 25 April.

Direct debits and bank statements via ATMs will
also not be available in that period, but the spokesperson said
that all transactions will re-commence to work from 26 April