Slovenia lender Nova Ljubljanska Banka (NLB) has partnered with Prepaid Financial Services (PFS), a London-based e-money provider, to introduce a white-labelled, contactless prepaid MasterCard card and mobile sticker product.

The prepaid contactless programme, which was soft launched at the end of 2015, will now be launched across all NLB branches in the country.

PFS was selected as both the card issuer and the technology provider, and will be responsible for the creation, implementation and management of on-going operations.

The card involved utilising one account accessible by a prepaid card and/or the prepaid sticker. The sticker can be used to transfer and transact small amounts, with larger amounts being the remit of the prepaid card.

Both the card and sticker are sold in the NLB branch environment and are loadable directly from the users NLB bank account.

NLB head of development for cards Nataša Dulc Strahini? said: "We’ve had a tremendous amount of interest in the card and it has particularly helped us engage with our younger customers who are keen to try new technologies and also have an eye on better budgeting."

PFS CEO Noel Moran said: "Contactless prepaid stickers present an easy way for banks and financial institutions to enter the contactless and mobile payments arena as the technology is included in the chip and not the phone, bypassing the need to partner with a mobile network provider."