SIX Payment Services has selected IBM Watson for Cyber Security to develop a next-generation Security Operations Center (SOC) in order to boost cyber defence and provide customers security services for compliance with Swiss privacy and financial market regulations.

To be set up at SIX’s offices in Switzerland, the new facility will offer localised cyber security services customised to needs of the region.

Under the terms of the new partnership, the SIX SOC powered by IBM will provide clients access to the latest IBM cognitive security tools used to fight cybercrime.

By using the IBM Security capabilities, SIX will be able to deliver advanced security services to its existing financial industry customers, as important building blocks for the offering.

Besides adding new capabilities to a traditional SOC infrastructure, the project will develop a new, highly collaborative IBM – SIX framework for the multi-tenant, next generation SOC, according to IBM.

Customers of both companies, who are looking for a trusted Swiss-based security partner, will be able to use the new cognitive SOC services.

At the outset, the services will be provided to banking industry customers located in the region who need security, regulatory, compliance and audit capabilities to ensure adherence to existing or future Swiss data privacy and data protection legislation.

Robert Borntrager, division CEO of SIX Global IT, said: “We operate the infrastructure of the Swiss financial market. IBM as leading company in security operations and response was the logical partner for us and the perfect match for our requirements to build and operate our SIX Security Operations Center which will go beyond today’s off-the-shelf cyber security standards – therefore defining the next generation of the Swiss financial market.”