Santander has chosen The TALL Group, a UK-based payment solutions provider, to deliver cheque image scanners across its UK branch network.

The TALL Group will supply around 1,800 scanners to the bank. The vendor said that the deployment of the scanners will allow the bank to meet the requirements of the new image clearing system (ICS) that involves the capture and transmission of cheque images and data to new central clearing infrastructure.

Santander technology division project manager Richard Evans said: “We look forward to completing the installation of the specialist scanners across our branch network as we commit to the new clearing cycle.”

The TALL Group of Companies managing director Martin Ruda added: “The extensive implementation of this specialist scanning equipment across Santander’s network of branches will help to ensure the bank is best positioned for ICS and the benefits which will follow for the bank and its customers.”

The move by Santander follows the roll-out of image-based cheque clearing system by Cheque and Credit Clearing Company (C&CCC).

In March 2017, C&CCC unveiled plans to launch a new image-based cheque clearing system, stating that the new system will reduce processing time by enabling customers to pay through cheque on a weekday and withdraw the funds the following weekday, excluding bank holidays.