Canadian fintech company Salt Edge has released a new platform designed to give companies access to open banking channels in a compliant way.

Dubbed Salt Edge Partner Program, the solution is designed particularly for lenders, credit bureaus, finapps that don’t possess their own PSD2 licence.

The platform, according to the company, will enable these firms to develop services based on clients’ account data without going for a third party the enormous and in accordance with regulatory requirements.

The programme will allow these companies to start leveraging real-time data from across all the European Union in 15 minutes.

All the technical, security, compliance matters will be handled by Salt Edge, allowing companies to focus purely on providing services to their clients.

Companies that desire to integrate with bank PSD2 channels are required to obtain PSD2 licences, build and maintain an entire infrastructure, get eIDAS certificates as per PSD2 initiative.

Salt Edge CEO Dmitrii Barbasura commented:  “We’ve done a tremendous work for building a highly secure infrastructure, developing compliant solutions, and connecting to over 400+ open banking APIs across Europe.

“Salt Edge strives, more than ever, to give institutions access to better technology and data so they can bring their business ideas to life for the benefit of their customers. And this is what open banking is about, infinite opportunities that empower end-customers to claim right to data and receive improved services.”