US-based financial information company Sageworks has announced a new collaboration with Adobe Sign to speed up loan application process.

The collaboration will enable Sageworks to integrate directly with Adobe Sign for electronic signatures using its API Network to provide a smooth and paperless service to the users of the Sageworks Banking Platform.

Now, the financial institutions which use Sageworks Loan Application can opt for e-signatures from the borrowers through Adobe Sign.

The process is expected to facilitate the loan process, which generally requires signatures of multiple parties and businesses.

The new integration will enable the borrowers and guarantors secure electronic signatures swiftly with a single click eliminating the need of further communication and detailed printed application process.

Sageworks CEO Scott Ogle said: “Manually collecting signatures can be an unnecessary pain point in the lending process, creating significant delays and headaches for the borrower.

“We are excited to announce the integration of the Sageworks Banking Platform with Adobe Sign, and are confident this integration will empower our customers and their borrowers with an even more intuitive, seamless experience.”

All users of the Sageworks Banking Platform can implement e-signature technology across other Sageworks modules in the following months.