Safe Systems, an IT and security services provider to financial institutions, has introduced new Managed Cloud Services.

The new cloud service is designed to support the credit unions and other community banks to transfer their IT infrastructure to the cloud.

Developed on Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform, the service offers multiple cloud infrastructure solutions.

The Managed Cloud Services will enable the banks and credit unions to choose any adoption model according to their requirements, the company said.

The infrastructure can also be customised to fulfil the institution’s strategic goals and IT objectives.

Safe Systems president Darren Bridges said: “Moving to the cloud isn’t a new concept for financial institutions, but what is new is the technology we have today to ensure sensitive, financial data is secure and compliant with regulatory requirements.

“We developed Managed Cloud Services, built on Microsoft Azure, to provide financial institutions with the best hosted technology the industry can offer and empower them to choose the path to the cloud that aligns perfectly with their organization’s unique needs.”

Safe Systems will manage the entire implementation process. Further, the company will provide additional services including enhanced reporting, annual strategic reviews and on-going support.

The deployment of cloud service is expected to enhance productivity, security and scalability across the community banks and credit unions.

Established in 1993, Safe Systems is said to manage hundreds of financial institutions carrying a combined asset value of more than $61bn.