SAC Federal Credit Union (FCU), a Nebraska-based locally-owned credit union, has selected Fiserv’s DNA account processing platform, to increase business.

Developed using Microsoft .NET Framework, DNA is the first open, person-centric core banking platform that is built for collaboration.

The credit union will benefit from DNA’s 24/7 real-time processing, robust retail, mortgage and commercial banking capabilities, and from its all round view of retail and business relationships.

The flexible and member-centric design of the platform will also allow SAC FCU to attract new members and enhance relationships with existing 75,000 members.

SAC FCU CEO and president Gail L DeBoer said DNA will empower them to serve members with the latest technological innovations, setting the stage for their continued growth towards the $1bn asset mark.

"Our membership will benefit from real-time channel integration with DNA. Plus, we can more quickly offer meaningful financial service products and services to meet their needs and attract new members," DeBoer added.

The DNA platform also features DNAcreator development toolkit and DNAappstore, where DNAcreator can be used by SAC FCU to create DNAapps, while DNAappstore can be used to sell its DNAapps or purchase apps created by other financial institutions.

DeBoer said with DNAcreator, they will be able to develop their own core applications to streamline operations and create new products as DNA scales with their growth.