Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) has decided to keep ten closure-threatened branches open till the end of this year following a consultation with customers and elected representatives.

The ten branches are Biggar, Beauly, Castlebay/Barra, Comrie, Gretna, Inveraray, Douglas Melrose, Kyle and Tongue.

Most of these branches are the stand-alone RBS branch within a nine mile radius. An independent review of these branches will be conducted by the bank at the end of the year to determine their viability.

The bank noted that it will reconsider its decision to close these branches if they witness sustainable improvement in transactions during this period.

RBS Personal Banking managing director Jane Howard said: “Having listened to the concerns of customers, communities and elected representatives from all political parties we have decided to keep ten branches open until the end of 2018.

“During this period we will monitor the level of transactions and new income at each branch and if there is a sustained and viable increase in both then we will reconsider the closure of the relevant branch as part of a full independent review.”

The bank also stated that it will implement appropriate strategy to serve all those locations affected by branch closures with alternative ways including digital banking, ATMs, deployment of mobile vans or through community bankers in post offices.

RBS also noted that it will continue to invest in the remaining branch network and also intends to open new branches across Scotland at feasible locations.

To address the concerns over digital access, RBS will work with multiple communities across Scotland to facilitate the digital adoption of contactless terminals for local business customers.