Quicken, the personal finance software in the US, has released a personal finance app Simplifi for the new generation.

The new ad-free app is designed to offer millennials with a consolidated view of all accounts with expense tracker.

Quicken CEO Eric Dunn said: “We designed Simplifi to be the most powerful and comprehensive solution on the market, but also very simple and intuitive.

“Rather than simply reporting on the past, it’s forward-looking – it answers the financial questions you have now, helps you manage spending, reach your savings goals and simply understand where your money goes.”

The Simplifi app comes with Watchlists feature that tracks everyday expenditure. The feature provides the user with a consolidated view of spending segregated into different categories.

The app also includes a Budgeting feature that allows the user to create a financial plan based on income and expenditure.

Furthermore, it lets the users set savings goals and tracks their progress. Customers can also avail phone or chat support through the app.

Quicken made Simplifi available to a select group of users in a beta version four months ago. According to the company, the app received a positive response from these users.

Dunn added: “Money is a source of stress for a lot of people and getting control of their finances is consistently one of the top new years’ resolutions people make.

“We’re excited to launch Simplifi in time to help people make 2020 their most financially successful year.”

Currently, the app is available for download through the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and at SimplifiMoney.com.