Italian payments provider Panini has rolled out a new cheque scanner, dubbed Panini EverneXt, to support branch transformation.

The platform delivers an unprecedented architecture that is API free, uses HTTPS protocol, and is independent from the end-user's Operating System.

The scanner supports use of professional capture technology in wired as well as wireless environments.

At the same time, it also allows branch of the future use with roaming tellers sharing scanners in an open lobby setting.

EverneXt offers throughput speed of up to 160 documents per minute, and has the capacity to digitise various deposit and payment related documents such as checks, stubs, and ID cards, the company claims.

The scanner featires swing-open covers enabling it to gain access to the document track for cleaning, jam removal, and ink-cartridge replacement. The LCD is mounted on the top cover to display connectivity status, historical data, error and user messages, and ink jet cartridge monitoring.

Panini CEO Michael Pratt said: "This new intelligent scanner is a direct testament to our ongoing effort to deliver breakthrough solutions that exceed our customer and partner expectations of trust, value and innovation."