OurBanc, a financial technology company that seeks to serve underbanked communities, went live with MX-powered mobile banking platform.

The new banking app comes with an array of money management tools to help customers improve financial health.

The move will also provide OurBanc with deeper insights and enable it to offer personalised financial alerts.

OurBanc co-founder and CEO David Dwumah said: “We told MX we know banking and finance, but we’ve never built a fintech platform before and we needed their guidance.

“In under two months, with the help of MX, we’ve been able to go from initial discussions to our app going live with the industry’s best digital money management tools.”

MX chief customer officer Nate Gardner said: “One of the major factors that attracts fintechs to MX is our ability to work closely as a partner to get a solution up and running faster than anyone else in the market.

“OurBanc is an example of this kind of partnership—where our shared missions and the core functionality of MX’s solutions had OurBanc live with their beta product in a matter of months.”

In the upcoming months, the two entities will work together to roll out new features.

In May, First Hawaiian Bank in the US launched MX Helios-powered mobile app. The app comes with several new features to drive customer engagement.