Digital security firm OneSpan has forged a partnership with authentication solutions provider Nok Nok Labs to offer FIDO compliant solutions to the financial services sector.

As per terms the deal, OneSpan and Nok Nok will roll out a joint solution that integrates OneSpan’s Mobile Security Suite with Nok Nok’s S3 Authentication Suite. The combined solution will allow companies to comply with FIDO standards by using multi factor biometric authentication technology.

Further, the partners will provide their solution to assist financial organisations to develop mobile apps that support biometric authentication, device identification, geolocation, and runtime application self-protection (RASP), jailbreak and rootkit detection and device binding.

The collaboration will also enable OneSpan to introduce software, SDK, and server solutions supporting the new FIDO2 authentication standard, which the company plans to roll out later this year.

OneSpan CEO Scott Clements said: “Nok Nok helped found the FIDO Alliance and is a pioneer in modern authentication, developing leading solutions that offer the industry’s most comprehensive approaches to authenticate users securely and with minimal friction.

“Enabling a secure yet frictionless experience is in line with OneSpan’s customer-centric vision, and as such we endorse FIDO standards-based authentication as both a vendor and as a FIDO Alliance board member.”