A data breach at National Australia Bank (NAB) has compromised the personal details of around 13,000 customers.

The data leaked in the incident include customer name, birth date, contact details and a government-issued identification number like a driver’s licence number.

The data was shared with two data service companies, who assured NAB that they will delete the details within two hours.

The bank took full responsibility for the breach but stressed that it was not a cybersecurity issue.

NAB ensured that its systems are secure and so are its log-in details or passwords.

The bank also assured that it will cover the cost of reissuing government identification documents or improved fraud detection services for compromised accounts.

Currently, NAB is working with regulators including the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner and has put in place a specialist support team to resolve the issue.

NAB chief data officer Glenda Crisp said: “We take the privacy and the protection of customer information extremely seriously and I sincerely apologise to affected customers. We take full responsibility.

“The issue was human error and in breach of NAB’s data security policies.”

Moreover, the bank noted that there is no evidence to suggest that the data leaked has been copied or revealed.

“We have reviewed these customers’ accounts, over and above our rigorous normal checks, and have not identified any unusual activity.  We will continue to monitor 24/7 to protect our customers’ accounts,” Crisp stated.