German online bank N26 has introduced a new feature dubbed Spaces to serve as personalised sub accounts. The jam-jarring feature will enable customers to move funds according to their personal preferences and requirements.

Spaces enables instant movement of funds from the main account to and from the personalised sub account. The aim is to offer customers additional flexibility over their money and help them to achieve their financial goals.

N26 founder and CEO Valentin Stalf said: “With Spaces we give users the freedom to set up their financial world without the limitations of traditional banking.”

They can transfer funds in a simple drag-and-drop motion as well as close and open them as when needed.

Additionally, the sub accounts can also be personalised and named according to customer choice.

N26: Sharing Spaces

By the end of the year customers will be able to share Spaces with others and make contributions to sub accounts of their choice.

The bank will roll out enhanced budgeting and automation features later this year.

N26 will add enhanced budgeting and automation features later this year.

The service launches in all of N26’s 17 markets. Standard customers can open two Spaces in addition to their main account. Black and Metal level customers can open up to ten Spaces.