Mountaineers Horacio Galanti and Horacio Cunietti are to test Standard Chartered’s mobile banking apps as they ascend Mount Everest.

The mountaineering duo will attempt to trade stocks and transfer funds during their journey using Standard Chartered’s Breeze mobile apps.

The team, comprised of Galanti, Cunietti, three climbers and three serpas expect to encounter extreme conditions as they climb the 8,848 metre peak. The mobile banking app will be up against ice, snow, moving glaciers, hurricane force winds and temperatures as low as -30 degrees Celsius.

Ashley Veasey, Standard Chartered’s chief information officer, Hong Kong, said: "This expedition will see two remarkable individuals do extraordinary things through their efforts to improve the environment on Mount Everest and also harness the power of mobile technology to prove that banking can be a Breeze even on the highest mountain on earth."

The expedition commemorates the first ascent of the peak 60 years ago.

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