Mobile banking company Fintonic has selected Arcadia Data, a provider of native visual analytics software for big data, to accelerate insights for its mobile banking platform and improve how it supports users’ financial interactions.

Fintonic, which operates in Spain and Chile, has implemented Arcadia Enterprise as the modern data visualisation and analytics engine of its new data architecture.

The technology vendor said that its platform will allow Fintonic to provide key data from within the business to top management in near-real time.

It will also allow Fintonic’s data experts to build advanced analytic applications with point-and-click ease.

Fintonic chief operations officer Aitor Chinchetru said: “Arcadia Data allowed us to create easy-to-read visualisations that helped our support team and management team quickly grasp the implications of the overnight interactions between our app and financial institutions.

“Adding Arcadia Data to our infrastructure enabled us to create detailed reports about users whose accounts suffered from poor or interrupted connections to banks and address those issues more quickly, improving user retention.”

Fintonic connects approximately 400,000 users in Spain to 82 different financial institutions. The company leverages the information provided by these institutions to generate daily reports and send alerts to users.

Arcadia Data co-founder and CEO said: “Arcadia Enterprise is built for its customers to develop large scale and real-time data applications, including Fintonic’s leading mobile banking app, that create sustainable competitive differentiation.

“Fintonic’s intelligent algorithms offer a glimpse of the future of banking, and we are excited they have selected Arcadia Data as they continue to pave the way in their industry.”