mBank, based in Poland and part of Commerzbank, has launched a new mobile banking app.

Michal Panowicz, managing director of mBank, said: "We have introduced a number of innovative ways in which financial management becomes easier and more responsive to user actions in the mobile channel."

The app enables users to make P2P payments by SMS and check their account balance or credit card limit without logging in.

mBank also said the app allows customers to receive a credit decision within 30 seconds of applying.

The bank says that over 700,000 customers of its 3m customers currently use mobile banking and it is hoped that this will rise to over a million during 2014.

By the end of the year the platform will be also be made available to customers in both Slovakia and the Czech Republic, where mBank also has operations.

The app is currently available on Android, Apple and Windows operating systems, which together represent 99% of the Polish mobile market, according to mBank.

Mobile is an important channel for Polish banks, with six of the country’s leading banks, including mBank’s parent group BRE Bank, coming together in July of last year to define a common standard for mobile payments.

PKO Bank Polski has an app that allows users to withdraw cash from ATMs without a card and pay for their shopping at self-service checkouts by entering a code generated by their mobile.

Meanwhile Millenium Bank’s app includes functions to manage the household budget, activate and block payment cards and change credit card limits.


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