UAE-based Mashreq Bank has completed the implementation of Blue Prism’s Digital Workforce platform in collaboration with Virtusa in a bid to enhance productivity and customer experience.

The automation platform integrates several new technologies including robotic process automation (RPA), artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) among others designed to increase operational efficiency.

Virtusa senior vice president and head of the Middle East Business unit Vasudev Telikicherla said: “This upgrade is another milestone in Mashreq Bank’s journey to becoming a truly digital bank, enabling it to cater to the growing digital customer base while gaining strategic competitive advantage.

“For organisations to succeed in this digital age, it is imperative to keep pace and embrace disruptive innovation.”

Mashreq Bank has implemented Blue Prism v6 platform which is equipped with various new features.

It includes top-tier security to enable robotic automation; customised interfaces to enhance human-robot interactivity; and reusable modular software objects.

Additionally, the platform features adaptive dashboards, multi-lingual user interfaces and offers comprehensive control room insight to enable faster development of automation.

Recently, the bank launched its full-service digital unit called Mashreq Neo to provide a complete online service to its customers.

The implementation of the new Blue Prism’s Digital Workforce platform is expected to further advance Mashreq’s plan to provide swift delivery-on-demand services to the customers.

Mashreq Bank CTO- Business Technology Nitin Bhargava said: “Thanks to our strategic partner, Virtusa, and the latest software from Blue Prism, we’ve not only gained advanced process automation capabilities, but also AI/ML capabilities that enable us to stay ahead of the curve.”