Kofax, a software solution provider, has announced that a top 10 global bank has deployed its Mobile Credit and Debit Card Framework and Mobile Capture Platform to allow customers to activate new credit cards by clicking a picture of the card using the bank’s mobile app.

The bank’s app now enables users to activate a new embossed or non-embossed credit card by snapping a picture of the card. It automatically extracts the credit card account number and expiry date to accelerate the activation process.

Kofax said that the new capability will considerably improve the customer’s experience while easing the activation process, shortening the time to card usage and increasing revenue growth potential.

Kofax Mobile Capture Platform empowers companies to develop mobile apps that integrate capture and process management capabilities to streamline information-intensive customer interactions and extend self-service capabilities.

Kofax CEO Reynolds Bish said: “Account activation is a critical step in the new credit card customer onboarding process.

“This deployment of Kofax’s mobile capture capabilities digitally transforms the bank’s credit card activation process and fosters a quick, easy and frictionless path to an improved customer experience and immediate card activation.”