Kasisto has released the second generation of its conversational AI platform for financial institution, KAI Banking.

The upgraded version is said to be carry multiple enhancements and help the banks to deploy and expand intelligent conversations.

The first version of Kai was launched in 2016 and since then it is said to have processed millions of virtual interactions across six countries.

It has interacted with the customers in three languages and multiple channels including mobile apps, websites and messaging platforms.

Currently, it is used by DBS Bank, Mastercard, Standard Chartered and TD Bank.

Kasisto chief product officer and co-founder Dror Oren said: “Our improved suite of tools makes it easier for banks to quickly add new features and services, channels and markets.

“With our API-centric platform, we continuously incorporate new financial services data into our robust APIs to ensure rapid deployment of well-branded and personalized experiences.

“Just like KAI, we’re always learning and these enhancements are a direct result of what it means to be proven in production, powering intelligent conversations with millions of bank customers.”

The new features of KAI Banking

The upgraded platform supports more languages, including Cantonese and French as well as an improved Conversation Management System (CMS).

Additionally, the AI Training and Analysis tools will also allow the banks to train and manage KAI’s machine learning with new filters.

KAI’s unique Conversational API (CAPI) now supports a wide variety of media types to facilitate the deployment of virtual assistants and bots on any client environment.

The second generation of KAI also enable improved customer segmentation and personalisation.