Italian retail lender Intesa Sanpaolo has partnered with Gemalto to support PIN delivery via SMS, web and mobile banking app.

Gemalto said that the bank will use its Allynis PIN by e-Channel solution to launch the world's first comprehensive e-PIN notification service.

The service will allow the lender’s customers to access instant PIN notifications and receive reminders through their mobile phone, tablet or PC.

Intesa Sanpaolo head of direct channels of mobile payment and ecommerce department Massimo Tessitore said: "Real-time electronic PIN delivery is a key element of our vision for digital, multi-channel banking.

"With its unique experience, footprint and certification, Gemalto was a natural choice of partner to meet our requirements for security, customer experience, brand image and cost reduction." 

Customers will be able to get reminders on request through any of the new channels, which will lower the number of cancelled transactions in cases of customers forgetting PIN, the technology vendor said.

Gemalto president for Europe, Mediterranean and CIS Philippe Cambriel said: "The successful implementation of the e-PIN project for Intesa Sanpaolo reflects our ability to accompany banks through every stage of the transformation process, helping them utilize key assets to create a compelling bank offer." ?