ING Direct USA has redesigned its
Planet Orange website around the theme of financial education as it
attempts to help foster a new generation of “financially savvy”
children in the US.

Citing its own research
showing that nine out of 10 parents and teachers would highly
recommend that the website,, be used at home and
in the classroom, ING noted that the space-themed website comes
equipped with lesson plans and teacher tutorials designed for
children aged 6 to 11.

Visitors to the site will also be given the
opportunity to earn and spend their own virtual currency, Obux.

Among the issues addressed by the various
‘missions’ are budgeting, credit, interest, inflation, investing,
diversification and risk.

“To improve our kids’ financial futures,
parents and educators must have the resources to start teaching
money-saving lessons at an early age,” said Arkadi Kuhlmann,
president of ING Direct.