German direct bank ING-DiBa has modernised its ATM network by implementing NCR software and services.

NCR software solutions have been implemented across the bank’s entire ATM network, with an NCR data centre at the heart of the new system. The ATMs have been equipped with NCR Top Client Server to connect them to the data centre.

ATM transactions, records and reports on the running of the ATM network will be managed by the NCR Operate server application within the NCR data centre.

NCR Connections will deliver the bank web service capabilities, whereas the network will be monitored by NCR APTRA Vision.

The bank will also deploy NCR OptiCash to automate ATM cash management.

ING-DiBa manager of cash supply Joerg Johannsen said: “As we started the tender, we didn’t have a preferred solution in mind. Indeed, the complete outsourcing of our network was the preferred option, but not a definite goal.

“NCR was able to meet virtually all of our requirements and submitted such a well thought out offer with ideas and recommendations that the other options were soon discarded. The fact that NCR’s was able to automate the software transition ultimately influenced our decision.”

ING-DiBa serves over 8 million customers and employs 3,500 staff. The bank operates 1,200 ATMs at petrol stations, in shopping centers, and large retail stores and hotels.

NCR area sales leader for Germany, Austria and Switzerland Harald Heinz said: “This project allowed us to bring the strength and wealth of our expertise and experience to the table and submit a tailored concept for ING-DiBa. Our project team of software, hardware and service experts put the plan into action in the agreed time frame.”