Indian Overseas Bank has chosen Silver Bullet’s check scanner interface, Ranger API, to support the cheque truncation software used by scanners for scanning cheques at its offices across India.

Ranger supports almost any cheque scanner in the market including those manufactured by Burroughs, Canon, CTS, Cummins-Allison, Digital Check, Epson, MagTek, NCR, Panini, RDM, Seac Banche and Unisys.

Using the new technology, the bank can collect negotiable instruments such as cheques and demand drafts from other banks without investing in additional development efforts, the technology vendor said.

Silver Bullet Technology CEO Bryan Clark said: “The end game with Ranger has been to provide a product that provides the most flexibility for financial institutions to support numerous scanner types, associated features, and the necessary metrics for those pursuing continual improvement through predictive maintenance and elimination of scanner downtime.

“We are pleased to add Indian Overseas Bank to our list of Ranger partners, and look forward to supporting them in their quest to provide outstanding service to their own customers.”