Several banks in London have started asking their employees to work from home after the government issued new rules to curb the spread omicron variant.

HSBC has asked its employees in the UK to get back to work from home where possible, while those who need to go to the office or branch will have to undergo Covid-19 tests daily, Bloomberg reported citing HSBC’s spokesperson.

Germany’s Deutsche Bank is planning to reduce the number of employees working in the office from next week.

JPMorgan Chase told its employees that it is reviewing “who needs to be coming into the office and who should revert to working from home on a more regular basis,” the publication said citing an internal memo.

The US-based lender said it expects to reduce the number of employees coming to its office. Its building will be accessible to employees, it added.

British bank NatWest “has paused its phased return to the workplace and instructed colleagues to work from home, where possible,” a spokesperson said.

Standard Chartered has also asked its employees to work from home but the offices will remain open for those who can’t.

As per the UK government’s guidelines, people have been asked to work from home starting next week to curb the spread.

Even in the US, some financial institutions such as Jefferies Financial Group have asked the employees to stay home and get their vaccine boosters by the end of January 2022.