HSBC Bank USA has launched a new service, called HSBC Fusion, which integrates customers’ small business banking and personal finance needs.

The new service, designed to give customers greater control over their business and personal finance needs, will offer a single point of access, whether in the branch, by phone or via digital banking services.

HSBC North America head of retail banking and wealth management Pablo Sanchez said: “At HSBC, we understand what it’s like to run your own company and your own household at the same time.

“By integrating business banking and personal banking on a single digital platform, HSBC Fusion is our way of giving business banking customers more clarity into their finances, helping them save time and get ahead with easy access to funding, advice and opportunities.”

The bank will assign customers of HSBC Fusion one point of contact for both their business and personal banking needs.

The newly launched service’s other features include total balance recognition and exclusive access to business credit and international debit cards.

The service will also offer customers twenty four hour response secure messaging and advisory services from the bank’s commercial banking specialists.

Michael MacIntyre, US head of retail banking business for HSBC’s Retail Banking and Wealth Management business. “The small business segment is large and well-positioned for future growth; however customer behaviors and competitive dynamics are changing and require a differentiated and digital approach.

“Research suggests SMBs put great value into the convenience of keeping personal and business banking relationships within the same bank. Through our launch of HSBC Fusion, we look forward to the opportunity to support some extraordinary business owners through this service.”