HSBC has enabled online and offline contactless payments through Google Pay for its retail credit and debit card customers in Australia.

According to the firm, a customer’s card details are not shared during in-store purchases with Google Pay. The e-wallet is designed to generate encrypted, virtual account number instead of the actual card details.

While shopping online, Google Pay does not require re-entry of the customer’s payment information.

HSBC Australia head of Retail Banking and Wealth Management, Graham Heunis said: “Using Google Pay, our customers can make transactions online or anywhere contactless payments are accepted and will still enjoy the same perks and protections from their HSBC cards.”

Heunis added: “With customers increasingly relying on smart phones for shopping, paying bills and even managing their finances, Google Pay will help simplify retail experiences and offer customers the freedom to decide how, when and where they wish to pay.”

The Google Pay application is compatible with Android device and requires an active HSBC Australia retail credit or debit card.

It is also available for the bank’s Everyday Global Account, which can be used to pay bills, for local as well as international purchases, ATM withdrawals, and to transfer money in ten different currencies.