US-based financial services firm With Purpose, which operates under the name GloriFi, has signed a merger agreement with DHC Acquisition.

The merger with DHC, a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC), will see GloriFi become a publicly listed company and trade on the Nasdaq under the requested ticker symbol “GLRI”.

The business combination will provide around $279m to GloriFi, which will be used to tap the underserved market in the US. 

At a price of $10 per share, the deal values GloriFi at approximately $1.7bn and is expected to complete in the first quarter of 2023.

GloriFi aims to provide an ecosystem offering a full suite of financial services such as digital banking products, credit cards, mortgage, insurance, and brokerage services. 

The fintech hopes to launch its product platform this fall. 

GloriFi founder & CEO Toby Neugebauer said: “Consumers today overwhelmingly want to do business with companies who share their values. 

“We believe that this is a vastly underserved market, and our combining unapologetically pro-America values with what we believe is best-in-class technology provides GloriFi with a powerful competitive advantage to lead this exciting growth category.”

DHC co-CEO Thomas Morgan Jr. said, “This business combination with GloriFi fulfils our goal to find a great company with exceptional leadership in the consumer, financial technology and e-commerce sectors. 

“We believe that the GloriFi team has identified a strong market of underserved customers across America, and they possess the battle-tested proven leadership necessary to serve that audience with excellence and execute their growth plans.”