Gemalto, the Dutch digital security company, announced a global business partnership with IBM aimed at enhancing Ezio eBanking security platform.

The Ezio eBanking Server platform is first to be compliant with both the leading proprietary technologies and the industry’s most popular open standards, supporting all types of two-factor authentication tokens, including OTP, PKI, OATH and software solutions.

For banks, the platform will help customer segmentation, multi-channel strategy, as well as wider choice of form-factors and use-cases – regardless of legacy systems and investments.

The platform has been tested and confirmed to work with more than 30 authentication devices from 20 different vendors, ranging from physical tokens to mobile applications.

"Our ability to deliver innovative authentication solutions is of critical importance to our clients, particularly those in the banking industry," said Kris Lovejoy, general manager of IBM Security Services. "Making this new offering available as part of the IBM Total Authentication Solution will enable both IBM and Gemalto to address that growing demand with an even more comprehensive and flexible authentication capability."