Garanti, Turkey’s largest bank by market
capitalisation has joined forces with Atasay Jewelry to launch the
world’s first credit card that allows customers to redeem bonus
points in gold.  

The ‘Golden Bonus’ credit card is an addition
to the bank’s existing ‘Bonus Card’ that allows consumers to
exchange accumulated Bonus points for goods and services. 

Customers can track the accumulated gold value
on statements and redeem their gold in Atasay stores or the
company’s distributors in Turkey or add the value to their Bonus
Card points. 

“The introduction of the Golden Bonus card
provides our customers with a credit card that enables them to save
while spending money,” said Mehmet Sezgin, general manager of
Garanti Payments Systems. 

Sezgin added that the new venture would give
customers the chance to invest in the “country’s preferred
commodity – gold”, which accounts for around 32 percent of the
country’s GDP.   

New customers signing up to the card will
receive complimentary golden bullion of 0.5 grammes.