American fintech firm Fiserv has launched a new solution to allow financial institutions offer personalised credit information to customers by integrating credit score monitoring into the digital banking experience.

The vendor said that its new solution, dubbed Credit Sense, will offer a credit score, daily credit monitoring, insight into factors influencing credit score.

In addition to customer’s account information, the offering will display customer’s credit score within the online or mobile banking user interface, enabling banks to make pre-qualified lending offers customised to individual needs.

The solution will be available through various core account processing and online and mobile banking platforms from Fiserv.

Fiserv depository institution services group president Byron Vielehr said: “It’s a natural fit for financial institutions to provide credit monitoring capabilities and financial literacy resources.

“People trust their financial institutions and will turn to them first for their financial needs, including loans, particularly when they are able to access customized offers directly within digital banking.”