First National Bank of Pennsylvania, a subsidiary of FNB, has upgraded to the latest version of the Mobiliti Advantage mobile banking and payments platform and added mobile card control capabilities from Fiserv.

Fiserv said that the bank is the first Mobiliti client to integrate card control capabilities into their mobile app, which will enable customers to manage their debit cards use through mobile banking.

The new card control module, a version of the CardValet solution from Fiserv branded by the bank as CardGuard, is a valuable tool that can allow customers to manage their finances.

With the new functionality, users can control access to their debit card in real-time and receive alerts related to card usage via their mobile banking app.

Additionally, users can set transaction dollar limits, set parameters for debit card usage by merchant type, such as gas, grocery or retail stores, and turn their card on and off, all from their phone. Furthermore, they can decide geographical limits on debit card usage for added security.

In addition to the card control module for Mobiliti Advantage, Fiserv provides a touch ID module that allows seamless and secure biometric log-in to mobile banking, and a marketing and communication module that enable banks to deliver customised and targeted messaging directly within their mobile app.

Fiserv president of digital banking Kevin Schultz said: “In a world that is moving faster than ever before, it is imperative that financial institutions be able to extend the value of their investment in the mobile channel.

“Adding new capabilities via modules gives customers access to new capabilities more quickly, and gives financial institutions like First National Bank the flexibility to offer a customized selection of mobile tools that meet the needs of their customers and allow them to stand out in a crowded market.”