Sudan-based Faisal Islamic Bank has chosen Path Solutions’ iMAL Islamic core banking system to replace its legacy decentralised Pentabank platform supplied by Financial and Banking Systems.

The new platform will be deployed across 100 branches of the bank.

In addition, the bank will also implement mobile and internet banking modules, businesses intelligence and risk management services.

Faisal Islamic Bank general manager El Bagir Ahmed Al Noury Adlan said: “We are focusing on revamping our IT infrastructure by deploying the new generation iMAL Islamic core banking platform when many other core banking system providers failed to achieve the bank’s transformation objectives, thus we had to face significant overruns of cost and time estimates over the past few years.”

Path Solutions group chairman and CEO Mohammed Kateeb added: “We are excited about this opportunity to provide Faisal Islamic Bank, one of the largest banks in Sudan, the competitive edge of new generation technology. This initiative will empower their expansion plans and ensure full compliance with local laws and industry regulations.”