Fintech firm Entersekt has teamed up with behavioural biometrics provider BioCatch to secure digital banking.

The tie-up adds BioCatch behavioural biometrics technology into the Entersekt Secure Platform.

BioCatch factors in up to 2,000 parameters for user authentication.

It will send an alert to Entersekt’s security platform on detecting any oddity.

Entersekt can then carry out a multi-factor authentication.

The partnership is aimed at generating innovative use cases including no-password login and enhanced remote user registration.

BioCatch founder and chief technology officer Avi Turgeman said: “Financial institutions moving to the digital channel understand that both security and user convenience are paramount, but they often struggle with how to build a solution that addresses seemingly contradictory requirements.

“Our combined approach with Entersekt answers the call, with behavioral biometrics as ‘who you are,’ the mobile device as ‘what you have,’ and the additional elements required to step up a transaction in real time if there is a problem.”

Entersekt already supports fingerprint and facial recognition technologies.

Commenting on the alliance, Entersekt SVP for North America Sherif Samy said: “It will add value for our customers, especially in usability, by helping to determine when step-up authentication is really required and when we can safely leave the user to go about their business uninterrupted.”