US-based firm Dragonfly Financial Technologies has unveiled its FinTech Integration Center that will help link banks to key fintech applications.  

Once integrated with a banking platform, the centre is said to offer an easy and secure connection to various fintech applications including QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop, Oracle NetSuite, Xero and Quicken.

The banks, through their embedded solutions in the applications, can streamline routine banking activities for their customers.

This integration centre will also allow customers to interact with their banks in real time from within their business accounting and enterprise resource planning systems.

Integrated with Dragonfly’s Universal Online Banker (UOB) solution, the new centre aims to offer “day-one service to small business banking customers”.  

According to the company, the FinTech Integration Center employs standardised connections to help banks connect to applications in real time.

Dragonfly Financial Technologies chief product officer Jim Gillespie said: “Our FinTech Integration Center provides frictionless integration to popular fintech applications – giving small businesses embedded, real-time access to their bank without having to leave their accounting system and log in separately to their bank.”

The centre enables automatic updating of account balance and transaction activity in real time. It is also said to make reconciling bank transactions an easy process for businesses, thus saving time and money.

Customers can use the same login and authentication credentials to access the centre through Dragonfly’s Universal Online Banker. Furthermore, the FinTech Integration Center provides instant access to leading business accounting systems. This enables users to add more business applications to ensure simplified business banking.