Norwegian financial group DNB Bank (DNB) has partnered with Collibra to introduce next generation of data-powered customer service.

The collaboration will see the deployment of the Collibra platform to utilise data to optimise business operations.

It is also expected to enable the bank to add value to customer services as well as monitor compliance with the industry data regulations.

DNB executive vice-president Group Digital Insights and chief data officer Aidan Millar said: “Digital adoption is driving an explosive growth of data, creating new challenges to manage and ensure compliant use of large volumes of data.

“The Collibra platform is bringing context to DNB’s complex data landscape and fuelling the shift to a data driven organisation.”

Why this partnership?

The new partnership is a part of DNB Bank’s larger strategy to focus on the importance of data and its foundation in devising better customer insights.

The new strategy is expected to enable the bank deliver customised digital services though appropriate channels to the customers.

Collibra vice president of sales for EMEA Steve Neat said: “Today, as companies across all industries embrace an inevitable digital transformation, we’re seeing them struggle to make sense of the huge volumes of data that they’re now collecting in an efficient and compliant way.

“Data governance helps unlock the true value of this data – so we’re delighted to be partnering with DNB on their Customer Insights program and overall strategic data initiative.”

DNB, one of the largest banking groups in the Nordic region, offers various financial services such as loans, savings, insurance and advisory services.