Diebold Nixdorf, a provider of self-service solutions, has joined forces with a technology provider Samsung SDS America, a subsidiary of Samsung SDS, to simplify authentication and strengthen security with mobile facial recognition.

The two companies have partnered to showcase how biometric technology, such as facial recognition and the self-service channel can offer an improved consumer experience.

The transaction will use Samsung’s biometric authentication platform – Samsung SDS Nexsign – which pairs with the ATM to complete cardless cash withdrawal.

To make transaction, customers just need to tap their mobile device to the near-field communications (NFC) reader on the ATM and confirm the transaction. The customers will then be prompted to complete authentication via facial recognition on their mobile device.

Upon verification, cash will dispense and the transaction is complete in less than half the time of a standard ATM transaction. The technology supports both Android and iOS devices.

Diebold Nixdorf senior vice president of software Alan Kerr said: “As an industry leader in enabling cardless transactions at the ATM, our comprehensive solutions are bridging the physical and digital worlds of cash to truly drive connected commerce.

“We are excited to be working with Samsung to showcase innovative solutions that utilize the trusted ATM channel to merge cash and mobile in a seamless, convenient and highly secure way.”

Samsung SDS America CEO Scott Koo said: “Samsung is making it easier for consumers to interact with their banks and ATMs using biometric information and eliminating the need for a physical card and PIN.

“We have already shown how this works with Samsung Pay and now have extended this functionality to provide a faster and secure approach to cardless transactions.”