Česká spořitelna, a Czech Republic-based lender and owned by Erste Bank Group, has implemented Nuance Communications’ voice biometrics technology to make its mobile banking easier and safer.

The technology vendor said that its Nuance Security Suite will allow account-holders to verify their identity by calling to bank. The customers can simply speak with contact centre agents to authenticate their identity.

The voice biometrics technology works in the background to measure physical and behavioural characteristics of callers’ voices and matches every customer with their unique voiceprint to confirm their identity.

With the advent of the new technology at bank, the customers do not require to memorise answers to security questions, PINs or passwords.

Česká digital infrastructure expert Bohuslav Hruša said: “Česká spořitelna is the first Czech Bank to use voice biometrics in its contact center. The technology takes the hassle out of authentication.

“It’ll be faster, safer and easier for customers compared to having to remember lots of different passwords. It also means our colleagues can focus on helping customers with their banking needs instead of dealing with password resets.”

Nuance Communications general manager of security Brett Beranek said: “We have seen a dramatic increase in consumers using voice biometrics around the world. In 2017, the number of enrolled voiceprints doubled to 300 million and biometric technology successfully complete more than five billion transactions.

“We are pleased to support Česká spořitelna on its digital transformation journey by deploying voice biometrics to improve the customer experience and fight fraud, while at the same time driving down contact center costs.”