CuneXus, a digital storefront for financial institutions’ account holders, has launched a new real-time credit monitoring tool.

The new solution gives financial institutions the option to display multi-bureau information and credit scores.

Customers can use it to monitor and compare credit scores to get better loan options with greater chances of approval.

Financial institutions’ account holders can use the new solution to view their credit scores within their existing CuneXus storefront.

The tool is aimed at offering greater control and visibility over end-users financial health by providing suggestions for future financial decisions based on their real-time credit scores.

Additionally, the tool alerts users of any changes that have been made to their credit scores and suggests measures to resolve the issue(s).

Through the new offering, CuneXus forays into the financial wellness market and regards it as a ‘natural addition’ to its storefront.

CuneXus co-founder and president Dave Buerger said: “CuneXus has traditionally provided unparalleled transparency into consumers’ borrowing power through a perpetual pre-approval. With the help of simulators, our tool helps customers understand their financial standings and suggests the best course of action based on their real-time credit scores. Unlike other credit monitoring solutions on the market that encourage more debt, our new solution helps consumers make informed financial decisions for their futures.”

CuneXus claimed that its clients have over $571bn in combined assets and 26 million US customers.