Software provider Cryptomathic has teamed up with SwissSign, a subsidiary of Swiss Post, to introduce a centralised electronic signature solution for Qualified Electronic Signatures (QES).

The new centralised solution can be deployed across multiple digital channels such as web browsers and mobile applications.

Commenting on the new service, SwissSign CEO Urs Fischer said: “This is a real breakthrough; not only does it elevate e-signature services to full compliance with Swiss and EU standards, it also enables a wide range of organisations to lower operating costs and deliver faster and more agile digital services to customers.”

Cryptomathic said that the solution will use the existing authentication infrastructure of an organisation to offer QES, and hence will facilitate cost reduction and reduce liability risks.

Cryptomathic managing director Guillaume Forget added: “Crucially, our partnership with SwissSign has resulted in an e-signature solution that offers a frictionless user experience combined with the unrivalled trust conveyed in SwissSign services. It leverages existing authentication technology and operates seamlessly within the user’s current browser window.”