Cross River Bank, a tech infrastructure provider offering embedded financial solutions, has announced teaming up with FinClusive to provide access to financial services to underserved communities and organisations

The collaboration between the two will establish account and payment services to advance secure and compliant access to the financial underserved.

Cross River is a New Jersey-based financial institution advocating for regulatory modernisation. In March 2023, the company partnered with UK-based to provide embedded finance services to businesses.

Through its partnership with, Cross River’s current and future merchants and businesses will be able to accept multiple payment methods, such as credit and debit cards, or alternative payment methods like digital wallets, ACH, transfers and more via Cross River’s API infrastructure.

“Regulatory compliance, responsibility and transparency are central to Cross River, and we continue to expand our partnerships with technology leaders focused on increasing financial access”, said Gilles Gade, founder and CEO of Cross River. “Both Cross River and FinClusive share fundamental values and a compliance-driven approach”, he continued.

“In an uncertain industry environment—with ongoing challenges impacting both traditional and alternative financial services providers—this partnership is another example of our unwavering commitment to accountability and responsible governance within the financial system. Our partnership provides local communities with much-needed, reliable access to comprehensive compliance capabilities and demonstrates our shared commitment to innovation and compliance in tandem,” said Amit Sharma, CEO of FinClusive.