Credit Agricole, a France-based retail banking group, is set to integrate its global payment project with Tango LitePOS solution, developed by Lusis.

The integration will allow Credit Agricole’s clients to address payment requirements across Europe.

Having successfully trialled the product in the last one year, the LitePOS solution – Terminal Multi Services (TMS) – is now ready to be rolled out throughout the country, according to Lusis.

The Tango LitePOS technology makes a POS device act as both local device and as a central terminal management server, which provides more secure, cost-effective, flexible and scalable POS environment for retailers.

LitePOS solution provides benefits not only to retailers but also to consumers and the bank.

Consumers benefit from services such as targeted loyalty programme, immediate discounts and the ability for multi-channel payments acceptance.

Additionally, the bank can have better control of its terminals, increased market agility and a chance to increase market share by offering new services to its retailers.