Consumers across the globe are increasingly demanding innovative services and are open to the idea of sharing data with new financial service providers, according to a survey by ACI Worldwide and YouGov.

In the UK, the services that were most demanded by consumers from their current account providers include loyalty discounts and offers, better security and fraud prevention, and real-time banking services.

Access to more varied ATM services was preferred by 30% of consumers in Italy, 27% in the US and 32% in Hungary.

More control over banking services was preferred by 25% of UK consumers, 26% in France and 25% in the US.

UK consumers are also open to the idea of data sharing. At the same time, 55% of UK consumers also expressed a desire to know what happens to their personal data and how it is protected before they use these services.

In the US, UK and Germany, consumers are relatively happier with their current account provider, and do not intend to move to switch providers. Plans to switch in the next 12 months have been found in 47%, 34% and 39% of consumers in Italy, France and Spain, respectively.

The study also unveiled credit and debit card fees, along with various banking services as the biggest concerns for consumers across the world.

Moreover, a low degree of awareness was found across all countries regarding the real-time payments schemes to be introduced in the US and Europe.

ACI Worldwide Retail Banking and Consumer Payments practice lead EMEA Lu Zurawski said: “The data suggests that we have reached a tipping point at the intersection of technology and financial services where the majority of consumers now trust technology enough that they want it to enhance their financial lives. This is great news for the banking industry as many banks and financial service providers have been leveraging these new technologies for some time.”