Standard Chartered has decided to deploy a chatbot on its online and mobile banking platforms and websites.

Powered by Kasisto’s conversational AI platform KAI Banking, the chatbot will initially be introduced in Hong Kong and will soon be deployed in other markets.

The chatbot will serve as a virtual personal assistant and help clients manage money, transact payments and analyse their spending in a split-second, via natural conversations in English and other languages.

Standard Chartered global head of design and client experience Deniz Güven said: “We are taking disruptive technology and using it to design a client experience that is not just convenient and personal – it’s a whole new banking experience.”

Kasisto CEO and co-founder Zor Gorelov said: “KAI is already a banking expert and once it’s trained on Standard Chartered products and services, it will serve as a powerful AI brain ready to meet their clients in the channel they prefer.

“It has the know-how to fulfil client requests, make recommendations and solve problems – while delivering banking with a human touch. The KAI-powered bot can handle all of the unique ways people communicate and when there is a need to talk to a human, the bot can seamlessly hand off to a Standard Chartered banking professional.”