Kony, a provider of enterprise mobility solutions, plans to launch a new Next Generation Digital Banking solutions for better omnichannel experience.

The new suite of digital banking applications, which will be released starting in Spring of 2018, will include digital banking apps for retail banking, business banking, loans, new account onboarding and digital wallet.

The new platform will offer faster time-to-market, complete control over the banks’ own apps, and delivers differentiated experiences based on innovative digital technologies such as biometric authentication, chatbots and augmented reality, claims Kony.

The platform will also deliver mobile and web experiences without limitations from a single code base, resulting in faster delivery and easier maintenance.

The point-and-click tools of the platform enable business users to extend apps, along with continuous integration, delivery, and automated testing capabilities to accelerate deployment cycles for IT.

It also features an open banking architecture with pre-built, third-party integrations, reducing the time and effort associated with integrating with back-end systems and third-party services.

In addition, Kony also plans to introduce the Digital Banking Marketplace, which will include an ecosystem of partner services and components to accelerate app development.

Kony chairman and CEO Thomas Hogan said: “The new Kony Digital Banking Platform, combined with our growing portfolio of banking applications, and our strategic partnership with Diebold Nixdorf, will enable us to achieve our vision to facilitate banking anytime, anywhere, and through any channel – both physical and digital.”