Citibank India has introduced a new retail banking platform, Citi Priority, for high-income clients below 40 years of age.

The new product is designed for those clients who maintain a relationship value of a minimum INR1.5m with the bank.

The product will offer clients wealth management services with a unique online Financial Planning Tool and Model Portfolio, as well as a Citi Priority World Debit Card with MasterCard.

Kartik Kaushik, country business manager, global consumer bank, Citibank India, said: "The sweeping trends of urbanization, digitization and globalization are leading to an expansion of a new economy, consisting of India thriving start-up base and growing e-commerce industry.

"As this emerging base of wealth grows, the customer demands better control over their finances and time, in order to achieve their future goals. Global travel and lifestyle are also important to this emerging wealth builder and Citi Priority addresses these demands."

India is the fifth country in Asia to offer Citi Priority.