The damage that the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) outage did has been fixed.

The bank has restored its internet banking and mobile banking services following a day of outage.

Normal financial services through the NetBank and the CommBank app were disrupted for most of the day. This was due to the failure of one of the bank’s data centres.

The failure locked customers out of their online and mobile banking accounts as well as affected normal card payments.

Most of the bank customers took on social media to complain about the CBA outage, which is the second such incident in the last four months.

Apologising for the disruption, Commonwealth Bank executive general manager of Digital, Retail Banking Services Pete Steel said: “Yesterday was certainly a tough day and I wanted to apologise to any of our customers who had issues logging on to the CommBank mobile app or to NetBank.

“Our teams have worked very hard during the night and I am pleased to say we’ve restored all services and we can reassure customers that everything will be working today as they expect.”

In April, CBA suffered similar outage that left most of its customers without access to their bank accounts for nearly a day.

In May this year, the bank admitted to have lost banking data and records of nearly 20 million customers.

The lost data, stored in two magnetic tapes, were supposed to be destroyed but the bank received no information of their extirpation.